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VFS is a non-profit community forestry business. Our mission is to restore, enhance, and maintain healthy native forest ecosystems, and to manage a sustainable ecological business that provides forestry services and island-grown wood products that help support these efforts.

We provide forest consulting services, low-impact forestry services and manage a mill yard producing lumber from locally grown trees sustainably harvested as part of forest stewardship activities. We offer educational workshops on forest planning and management, forest ecology and sustainable forestry techniques.

Forest Stewardship

VFS was founded by forest owners to assist forest owners in planning and implementing management practices that enhance rather than degrade their forests. Through our Forest Consulting Services we write - or assist forest owners in writing - forest stewardship plans that guide management activities to accomplish their owner's forest goals. FVS also assists forest owners in carrying out Forest Stewardship Activities that improve forest health, aesthetics and wildlife habitat by thinning trees, planting native species and removing invasive weeds. Trees thinned from the forest often generate revenue that can be used to further forest stewardship.

Steve Buffington & Morgan Holtz milling lumber

Wood Processing / Products

VFS processes some of the wood generated from stewardship operations into high-value products such as flooring, paneling, interior trim, posts and beams, and custom orders for local builders, artists, cabinet-makers and boat-builders.


The VFS mission includes helping to educate the public about forestry, wildlife and ecology issues through published articles, workshops and in-the-field demonstrations.

VFS also manages the Vashon Forest Youth Corps, a high school age work/study crew that assists with forestry and mill yard projects. The students receive community service credit or are paid to remove invasive plants, plant native plants, build trails, and inventory forest resources. They work on both public and private forest lands, while learning about forest ecology and developing their forestry skills. Together with an adult supervisor, they are available for hire.

Supporting VFS

You support VFS when you become a member, use our forestry consulting or stewardship services or buy our sustainably harvested locally grown and processed lumber. Membership contributions help VFS cover operating costs, and allow us to build our infrastructure, improving our capacity to fulfill our mission and remain sustainable.

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Contact Us

Mill Yard location:
18815 - 103rd Ave SW
Vashon WA 98070

Mailing Address:
Vashon forest Stewards
PO Box 602
Vashon WA 98070

Managing Director:
David Warren
Home/Office: (206) 463-9405
Cell: (206) 295-6670

Sawyer & Mill Yard Manager:
Stewart Putnam
Cell: (206) 660-8934

Board & Staff

Board of Directors:
David Warren: President
Truman O'Brien: Vice President
Fred Sayer: Treasurer
Derek Churchill: Secretary
Jack Stewart

David Warren: Managing Director
Stewart Putnam: Sawyer and Mill yard Manager

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